Horrific: Mom Watched Daughter Get Molested and Murdered Then Had S.e.x with the Killer

#1 Horrific Story

This is Victoria. She was only 10 years old when her life ended in quite possibly the most horrific way possible. Her mom allowed her boyfriend to touch her inappropriately and simply watched as he raped and murdered her. She was found in a blanket that the couple set on fire.

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#2 “She Enjoyed It”

This is the mother, Michelle Martens. After her boyfriend murdered her daughter, she had sex with him only 20 minutes later! Martens told multiple different stories which led authorities to believe that she was full of lies. Further reports revealed that the child had meth in her system and was routinely strangled, stabbed and even dismembered! She told cops that she watched her daughter get raped because “she enjoyed it.”

via http://oleo.ozock.com/